Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush
Smart Doggo Massage Brush

Smart Doggo Massage Brush

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Doggyman massage brush from Japan. This is the best de floofing shedding brush made from adhesive rubber to remove loose fur from your doggo in a speedy convenient manner. It's great for short to medium coat dogs. The adhesive rubber catches your pet's hair, while softly massaging your pet's skin.This brush is also great for giving your doggo a massage during bath time. Another great use, due to the adhesive rubber, is to remove pet fur from furniture. The brush's dimensions are:

Height: 11cm /4.3"     Width: 7cm/2.8"

Note** Don't use this brush on dogs that have rubber allergies or on dogs that have skin problems. 


* TYPE: Grooming Products
* BRAND: Doggyman
* ORIGIN: China
* MATERIAL: Synthetic Rubber
* WEIGHT: 110g
* SIZE: 11cm x 7cm
* COLOR: Yellow

removes a crazy amount of fur QUICKLY

The soft rubber bristles work amazing to remove both undercoat and topcoat fur in NO time at all. After brushing easily remove fur from the brush in one easy peeling motion. You"ll be shocked at how much fur this brush can remove. You'll never need another brush again after trying our smart massage brush.

great for bath time

Give your dog a deep cleanse and massage by using the Smart Massage Brush at bath time. This amazing brush does it all, our brush gets shampoo to reach down to your pet's skin to give a super cleanse whilst removing fur and giving your dog a heavenly massage.

made from soft durable rubber

Soft durable rubber is soft on your pets skin leading to no irritation . The soft bristles massage the skin while removing fur at the same time. Designed perfectly to fit in the palm of your hand. Easy to clean just rinse under water after brushing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Fantastic Fur Care with the Pawsome Pet Brush

This dog brush has proven to be an essential tool in maintaining my dog's coat in tip-top shape.
The design is brilliant. The brush is lightweight, making it easy to handle, and the ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable experience for both me and my dog.

Danny F.
Finally found it

Way better than I expected! Also my little dog doesn’t hate it. I guess cuz it’s made out of rubber so it feels soft for her skin. And thank you for the free ballie coupon!

Yellow brush

I love the brush and Flynn does too.

Cal P
They love it

I've tried a few brushes/combs on my 2 Frenchies but they weren't keen. I've just used this for the first time & they love it - I'm guessing it feels like a massage 'cause they both rolled over & blissed out while I did their chests/tummies! Excellent product - many thanks :-)

Jim Pyle

Better than I hoped for.

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