Fancy Bath Bundle
Fancy Bath Bundle
Fancy Bath Bundle
Fancy Bath Bundle
Fancy Bath Bundle

Fancy Bath Bundle

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Fancy Self Drying Bath Towel (Color)
Fancy Self Drying Bath Towel (Size)
Doggo Shower Cap - Animals (Style)

Fancy Bath Bundle included our best selling grooming items for bath.

  1. Smart Doggo Massage Brush
  2. Fancy Self Drying Towel (Choose size & colors)
  3. Doggo Shower Cap - Animals (Choose a design)

Fncy Self Drying Bath Towel


Robe Length     Back          Neck            Chest 

15.7"/40cm   15.7"/40cm  17.7"/ 45cm   23.6"/60cm


Robe Length     Back          Neck            Chest 

19.6"/50cm    19.6"/50cm  21.6"/ 55cm   27.5"/70cm


Robe Length     Back          Neck            Chest 

23.6"/60cm    23.6"/60cm  27.5"/ 70cm   34.6"/88cm

Shower Cap

Internal Diameter : 4.1" / 10.5cm

External Diameter : 11.2" / 28.5cm

Smart Doggo Massage Brush

11cm(4.33") x 7cm(2.75")

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Marosi X.
So cute and useful

I always had to be super careful not to get water in my puppy's ears. Haven't seen this protector anywhere, so was really happy to find it.
Had some difficulties with the shipment, but seller was really kind and information always came on time. Thank you

Emma M.
Makes for a better bath

I thought there’d be resistance but he’s taken to it like a duck to water and means he can have a more thorough bath.

Theresa J.
So awesome!

Adorable shower cap and does the job!

Selena H.
Amazing product

My fur baby loves water & gets a lot of ear infections! Thank god got this product, no water goes into her ears anymore. No more ear infections for her - thank you

Mary W.

Got this for my son’s Frenchie. She loves bath time and this is a great way to keep water out of her ears!

Gregory P.
Quick shipping!

Ordered the ear protector for our little Ruby, and was pleased that it arrived so quickly, especially considering it was coming from overseas.
It’s super cute!


Teena A.
Pretty protection

This is perfect to keep water from our FBD's ears and face!

Mary W.
Shower cap

Work great for frenchies

Wanda I.
Shower bath ring

This bathroom is outstanding does the job it says it does my French bulldog does not mind wearing it at bath time goes easily on and comes off easily keeps the water out of his face and ears well worth the money

Linda E.
Shower cap

I ordered and received the duck shower cap in a timely fashion. I haven’t used it as I’ve been very busy so ended up taking my baby to PetSmart due to the time I had. I know this is going to work great.

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