Best Doggo Nail Clippers
Best Doggo Nail Clippers
Best Doggo Nail Clippers
Best Doggo Nail Clippers
Best Doggo Nail Clippers
Best Doggo Nail Clippers
Best Doggo Nail Clippers
Best Doggo Nail Clippers

Best Doggo Nail Clippers

Regular price$15.99

 Best Doggo Nail Clippers from Doggyman Japan. Our favorite nail clippers are now available in our store. We love these nail clippers because of the are great quality, very easy to use and don't split nails. Our Best Doggo Nail Clippers cut your doggo's nails in a speedy convenient manner. They are sturdy and can be used on all doggos. These nail clippers are a grooming must and go great with our grooming hammock and doggo massage brush. Dimensions are:

Height:  13.5cm / 5.3"     Width:  4cm / 1.6"

* PRODUCT NAME: Best Doggo Nail Clippers
* TYPE: Grooming Products
* BRAND: Doggyman
* ORIGIN: China
* MATERIAL: Polypropylene, Synthetic rubber, Stainless
* WEIGHT: 80g
* SIZE: As per in the description
* COLOR: Yellow

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Lourdes S.
Love this Brush!

Not only do I love this brush but my dogs love it too, especially my Frenchie Bella. It a great product and removes dog hair like no other brush I've own.

Cheryl T.
works well for my cat

My cat seems to enjoy the pliable texture of the brush’s “teeth”. It does a good job of loosening undercoat fur - i then run my hand down her back & tail to collect it. Side note: on removal from the packaging, the brush had a strong chemical smell. i washed it and let it soak overnight in baking soda. When rinsed & dry, i then put it in a ziplock bag with catnip. She loves it!

Larry G.
Touch of Pleasure

My Lulu (Frenchie) gets the most pleasure from this soft brush and the ease of removing her excess hair is remarkable.
Thank's for introducing this product to her.

Wanda I.
Outstanding brush

This brush does everything that it claims to do I was so amazed how well it gathered the hair off of my French bulldog rip this is well worth buying it works so good good investment

Jennie G.

Love this brush and he loves it as like massaging his skin and hair and it takes all the loose hair off of him and I use it also want to be with him I just love this brush thank you

Helen M.
Great brush

My dogs love this and it gets loads of fur off.

Cheryl O.
Hair Brush for Dog

Excellent dog brush for our Frenchie who sheds year around.

Jane A.M.
Best Brush Ever

Brush works as shown just great! Thanks for the quick shipping!

Cheryl H.
Fur baby granddaughter

I bought this product for my fur baby granddaughter. She certainly seemed to enjoy the feel of it however, I have to say it didn't seem to remove much hair.
She is a Westie (West Hyland terrier) with a double coat. Her fur is rather short at the present time during the summer months however she does have the
traditional "skirt" haircut so I'm not sure if this will work better when her fur is a little longer. The packaging and delivery of this product was excellent.

BEST Hair brush for dog!

This is my second time ordering. I bought three of these brushes to stock up. They don't compare to any other brush I've purchased. Hands down to the BEST hair brush. My French bulldog loves it any massages him at the same time. I want to thank Griffins Haru and family. Thank you so much for your online shopping ideas and I love watching your YouTube videos!

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