Doggo Water Bottle (4409271582854)
Doggo Water Bottle (4409271582854)
Doggo Water Bottle (4409271582854)
Doggo Water Bottle (4409271582854)
Doggo Water Bottle (4409271582854)
Doggo Water Bottle (4409271582854)
Doggo Water Bottle (4409271582854)

Doggo Water Bottle

Griffin's Haru
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Awesome portable water bottle for doggos. This water bottle has an anti-leak lock that keeps water in the bottle and prevents any leakage. This lock can opened to release water and closed to prevent water flowing back into the bottle. The water bowl is made from a malleable material that can easily be flipped up to make the water bowl and then flipped back down to form the cap for the water bottle. It can carry up to 520ml of water and comes with a handy grip. This bottle is designed to be the best for both you and your doggo!


Bottle's dimensions are:

3.5" X 5.5" / 9CM X 14CM  (Bowl down)

3.5" X 7.3" / 9CM X 18.5CM (Bowl up)



Customer Reviews

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Chris Willie Williams
Ingenious design.

This is a remarkably smart design and it works great. The rubber lid, when flipped down, is soft and smooth enough that it's not going to become uncomfortable if you are carrying it on your person. The lid flips up into a bowl very easily, and as someone below noted, if you're not in a place where you can easily dump the leftover water when your dog is done drinking, you can just let it drain back into the bottle and seal it back up. The rubber bowl is indeed soft enough that you'll want to pay attention that your dog isn't chewing on (or through) it, but otherwise I think this is a 100% ingenious product. We're very impressed.

Great for supervised use!

I loved this water bottle for the few days I was able to use it before my pup poked multiple holes in it. Would definitely recommend but if you have a biter make sure you’re keeping a close eye on them!

Fresh water

Filled it up and froze it!
Worked great in the Florida sun

Julie Rodrigue
Water On The Go

This dog go water bottle is great for camp and boating. It’s great to have fresh and handy water.

Perfect for trips

I ordered this bottle because we travel a lot and of course our miniature dachshund, SUGAR, goes with us wherever we go. I do have a little pop-up bowl but if she doesn’t drink all the water I have to throw it out the window. Which is not always a good thing or an easy going to do. I haven’t used this yet but I can see how much easier this will be than trying to pour water out of a bottle and not spill it as we are driving down the road and then the mess of what to do with the left over water in the bowl. It looks like it will work very well and I will submit another review when we do actually use it.